Why blogging?

When telling people that I am going to begin blogging, I am often met with the same questions…

  • What is blogging? (Mom & Dad thank you very much!)
  • What are you going to write about?
  • Why did you decide to do that?
  • Who wants to read posts about your life?
  • What is up with the name you chose?

I figured what better way than to begin my posting with addressing these questions for all you curious folks out there!

What is blogging?

Well, it is exactly what you see right here. Basically, it is similar to an online diary. The differences lie in the fact that I don’t write down my juicy top secret information here like I did when I was 13. (cause my life was SO glamorous and I had SO many secrets…) I also can share things like photos, recipes, how to’s, and basic information on here easily compared to a regular diary with people who are curious enough to visit the page.

What are you going to write about?

Well, life. Sure, I don’t live life like a Kardashian and I certainly don’t have an unlimited amount of fans wondering about my every move like Taylor Swift, but, that is okay. I will mostly share life updates, new recipes, life hacks, and crafts I am working on. Random thoughts on random subjects, things that I come across and love.. the options are endless!

Why did you decide to start doing that?

As my Facebook friends and my non Facebook using friends and family (gasp! People don’t use FB still?!) now know, I am moving! I recently received a promotion from my job that requires relocating to the St Louis area. Adam and I will be moving mid October to O’Fallon Missouri to begin a new chapter in our lives. I figured what better way to keep in touch and allow everyone to stay up to date on our lives and what is going on than doing it all at once in one location such as a blog!

Who wants to read posts about your life?

Ummm… maybe no one. Maybe everyone! I truly have no idea. This is all trial and error as of now and a huge shot in the dark. But, I have always thought of starting my own blog but yet never found much of a reason to until now so, why not? If no one reads it then silver lining is that I get to vent and keep a diary that doesn’t make my hand hurt!

What is up with the name you chose?

Honestly, choosing a name was probably one of the hardest things about this thing! I had no idea how to even come up with an idea. But, I sat back and thought about it for a moment and realized, I am essentially just writing about my life/mine and Adam’s life. I wanted a name that had to do with what I was writing about. I am always saying that every time I feel like I start to have some plans for my life, God comes in and throws me a change or an unexpected situation or opportunity seemingly out of left field, or no where. For a planner like myself, that is often stressful and difficult to manage. But, I am learning to love it and accept it for what it is. Plus, I always love adventures! So, going  back to what I am going to write about- our life…. that is oftentimes coming out of left field.


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