Boxes and Birthdays

Hello September!

This weekend we took advantage of our last slow weekend before moving. We literally had only one thing going on for Sunday afternoon – anyone who knows about my schedule you know this is very rare for me to have free time! Adam is not quite used to my constant 100 mph pace and 24/7 plans, he enjoys taking life a little slower so I am pretty sure he was thankful for this break in schedule. And, honestly, it is one of the many things I love about him. I need more of that in my life. But because of the free time we decided to just relax, and organize some boxes and clean. I went ahead and moved everything around in the computer room storage room (I jokingly call it this because I have so much crap in there until we move- have I mentioned that my parents are rockstars for allowing this?!) and took some boxes out of stuff I plan on getting rid of and donating. I also started packing some small things in my room, and finished with some boxes that were pretty much done and just needed rearranged and taped up. I have more boxes coming home with my mom regularly to use, I just have such a hard time convincing myself that I won’t need 12 pairs of sweats, my winter attire and two dozen bags in the upcoming weeks for some reason, haha. I should probably just give in and pack it all. It is hard to believe we are like 6 weeks out! It might sound kind of far out still for some but we literally have stuff every single weekend until we move. Plus, with me working 90 minutes away from home (on a good day), a lot of our free time is already accounted for. On another note, I never thought I would reach the day where I am sick of shopping- but the day has come! (gasp! I know!) I would be fine not walking into another store for… well, a while! Unfortunately, I won’t get my wish as there are still a few things we need.

On Sunday we celebrated my 2 nieces and one of my nephews birthdays. Talk about exciting stuff! Miss Jovie turned 7 on Saturday and my heart broke a little just thinking about it. She is forever my girly girl, full of creativity and always ready to put a dress on and play in my make up. The day she no longer can run and jump into my arms because she is too big I will probably sob like a baby. Here she is, all petite and freckle faced, as happy as a 7 year old could be at her birthday party.


Girly girl Jovie

Mallie is turning 5 next week actually and I think with age comes more and more spunk from her. I look forward to every moment with her not only because she one of the cutest things you ever laid your eyes on, but I honestly never know what her imagination is going to come up with, what silly story she will share and crazy antic she will participate in next. I mean, come on, just look at that face!


Straight cheese’n

Mattan will be 10 next week as well. Holy crap, 10! I cannot believe he is already in the double digits. He is not only one of the brightest children you will ever meet, but he is so loving and kind and a clear example of just an all around good kid. Don’t even get me started on his creativity, I have never seen someone able to create so many amazing things out of basically nothing as he can. He is forever amazing me with his abilities, from learning something new, and creating something beautiful to picking up on a physical activity and showcasing his sense of humor.


It was incredibly difficult to have him stop running around for 10 seconds to take a photo, but his mom and I finally won the battle!

Also, I wanted to share something I have been doing for a while now on Instagram. A while back I started a weekly ritual of posting something I call “#MondayMantra”. Basically, it is just a way to spread some positivity to people and inspire them. Sometimes, it is inspired by something I or someone I care about is going through, sometimes it has to do with news headlines and what is popular in the world, and sometimes it is just something I simply enjoy. I always feel as if there is so much negativity and hate posted everywhere, and I try to live my life with the ideas of love, kindness and acceptance at the root of everything. I figured maybe it helps no one, maybe it helps some one- but it sure is worth it to post and at least put it out there and spread good in the world, there can never be too much good.


This week’s #MondayMantra


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