Oh How I Love Holiday Weekends

I saw a post on FB this morning that said “This is the Mondayest Tuesday ever” and oh how that is feeling so true right about now. It was a good holiday weekend, it just always feels like there is never enough time! We enjoyed time with family, friends and each other, plus I got an extra day to sleep and relax so who could really complain about that, right? I did decide on Friday that it was time for a change. So, I chopped off like 8 inches of my hair and dyed it almost black. I absolutely LOVE it! I forgot how nice it is to not have to deal with so much hair and how much faster I can get ready with it short. I have a ton of thick hair so this cut literally takes like 20-30 minutes off getting ready. Needless to say, as different as it feels and despite not being able to do certain things with it (not like I often did anything other than a messy bun too often anyways), I am so happy with it.


Not the worlds best photo of me, but I had to show off the hair a little. 🙂

We had Kaci this weekend so we spent our time with her, giving us an excuse to act like kids ourselves as much as possible. We spent Sunday afternoon at Indiana Beach with Adam’s parents, sister and nephew. Although it was very hot and the park is not as exciting when you are 25 and not 10, it was such a nice family day. Kaci loved riding rides and playing in the waterpark with her cousin and Papa. We got pretty lucky with her because we also went furniture shopping this weekend and I think she truly enjoyed it about 10 times more than Adam could have ever enjoyed it. We did walk out of there with a couch and loveseat, so I am sure he is thanking his lucky stars we don’t have to go back for anything like that again before moving. We are having it delivered to his parents on Friday and will store it there until the move. Our bed is also being delivered the same day, and I am so incredibly excited I could cry. The current bed is so uncomfortable lately I would probably sleep better on a rock.


Spending the day at Indiana Beach. Photo cred totally goes to Adam’s mom, Linda.

Packing is getting harder and harder lately. The room everything at my parents is stored in is overwhelmingly full at this point. I am hoping I can convince myself to keep packing things away though as this coming weekend starts our 4 wedding weekends in a row. That is sure to keep us busy up until moving day. In addition to that, I seem to have the worlds worst allergies this season and they keep literally knocking me off my feet they are so horrible. I don’t know why I have not looked into getting the shot at this point because I literally spend half of my day at least exhausted because my allergies are driving me crazy and the other half exhausted because my allergy medicine is making me tired. Maybe it will let up this weekend, going down to Southern Illinois, but I won’t hold my breath on that possibility! 🙂


I wasn’t kidding about how full the spare room is getting!


One thought on “Oh How I Love Holiday Weekends

  1. It’s crazy, looking back on where AND how, our friendship started. Being a mother now, I get bursts of pure joy when Brayleighs kindergarten teacher tells us how advanced she is, the main reason Im telling you this, is because during those bursts, I see the parts of you that I envy, in my daughters eyes. Of course I see parts of myself as well, but seeing you, the girl I’ve looked at as a sister since we were wee little freshman, reminds me of how lucky I am to have parts of you here with us every day…& for me, right now that’s absolutely fine. I love you more than you’ll ever know, Lyndsay Nevada…no matter what, you’ll always be my #1.


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