Meet Me in St Louis

One way that I have really made sure to get myself more excited for this move is to constantly look into what is available to do and occurs in the area we will be moving to. It is a nice way to know that even though I am leaving the comforts of “The Region”, there are still plenty of things to experience in St. Louis that will keep my adventurous spirit at ease and Adam and I will remain interested in living life rather than just earning a living.

I figured why not share some of these bucket list items with you guys?! I mean, if I am being totally truthful, part of me is probably hoping this causes our loved ones to say “Hey that sounds so cool! We should come visit you guys and experience that together!”. I mean, hey, it can’t hurt to try and use all means available to state why you should visit us right? Plus, it will be nice to constantly revisit this list as an ongoing way to hold ourselves accountable for experiencing new things. None of these items are in any particular order of course because that would stress me out too much naturally. 🙂 Also, just to note: I did not add The Arch on the list as we have both done that on our original house hunting trip in August!, but we are more than willing to go back with anyone interested!


The Muny

  1. St. Louis Zoo- Free, fun and full of animals so it sounds perfect to me!
  2. Missouri Botanical Garden and the Butterfly House
  3. Grants Farm and the Grant National Historic Site
  4. Anheuser-Busch Brewery and visiting the Clydesdales- Because why wouldn’t this be awesome?
  5. Cathedral Basilica of St Louis
  6. Busch Stadium- Okay okay, we are Cubs fans all the way so it pains me to even put this on the list. However, we are pretty excited to still be able to watch our Cubbies on the regular because they play the Cardinals here a few times a year.
  7. Six Flags St Louis
  8. The Muny
  9. The Hill- I have actually already ate in The Hill once, but with so many restaurants and the fact that Adam has not been there yet, I had to have it on the list.
  10. Soulard for Mardi Gras
  11. Soulard Farmers Market- Oldest market West of the Mississippi
  12. Lone Elk Park
  13. The Ozarks- Okay, this and #14 are not technically in St Louis, and this list is not really including Missouri things, but I gave in and put them on here because I would love to go.
  14. Branson
  15. Fair St Louis
  16. Thurtene Carnival
  17. Magic House
  18. Eat like a local – Everything from Ted Drews Frozen Custard to Imo’s pizza to Pappy’s Smokehouse and all that is in between.
  19. Blues on Broadway- Listen to some classic blues music on Broadway one evening.
  20. Theater shows- Adam surely isn’t into much theater but, it is worth a show or two still!
  21. Laumeier Sculpture Park
  22. Forest Park- Technically, the zoo and other items located in Forrest Park are already listed here, but I wanted to give a shout out to the Park itself anyways.
  23. Christmas Lights Tour
  24. Hidden Valley
  25. Murder Mystery at the Lemp Mansion
  26. Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site
  27. T.S Elliot birthplace – because of the bookworm in me
  28. Holocaust Museum- Extremely sad and evil, but I believe I owe it to those that endured it to hear their stories and see their struggles.
  29. Drive Great River Road
  30. Elephant Rocks and Johnson Shut-Ins
  31. Visit the many trails along the Mississippi in the parks
  32. Meramec Caverns
  33. Kayak Creve Cour Lake
  34. Shaw Nature Reserve
  35. Museum of the Dog- Uh, no explanation needed.
  36. Purina Farms
  37. Historic St Charles
  38. Lacledes Landing
  39. Union Station
  40. Tour the many micro breweries in the area

Forest Park

I am certain I will be adding to this list over time, as well as checking off items on the regular. But, I think 40 to do items is a pretty good start if you ask me! If any of you have suggestions that are not listed, I would LOVE to hear them, these are only the tip of the iceberg.


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