Let the Countdown Begin

It is hard to believe we are less than a month away from moving now. I think I am still partly in denial mentally. Not that I don’t want to or anything, it is just that I never really expected this opportunity and I feel like I have been preparing for a move for months now. Oh wait, I have. Right before my manager approached me with this opportunity I was about 3 weeks away from signing a lease on a 1 bedroom apartment closer to my job in Chicago. Then, the unexpected happened and with one email, all the plans changed!

I am trying to really begin packing and moving along on organizing all the plans and details for the move. I am sure for any of you that have Adam and I on Facebook, you have already seen the table he refinished for me to go in our living room. I adore it. I simply showed him a photo of what I was thinking and let him work his magic on it. It is actually an old table my parents have had practically my whole life that they were throwing out. (The top had been ruined over the years) and I thought “hey, one less thing to buy!” But, anyone who knows me knows I tend to go crazy if things are too mismatched. So, I pinterested some ideas and seeing as I had a coffee table from IKEA that was already an espresso color, this is what I came up with! He did such an awesome job, who knows, maybe this will even become a new hobby of his! I would love to get involved once life slows down a little and I don’t have such a long commute to work!


I love combining different styles into one room and that is exactly what this table does!

Now of course Adam has other projects in the works too for things I have asked for. We will see how it all comes together in the end because to be totally honest, I have not seen anything next to each other yet since so many items are boxed, wrapped, and stored already. Here is to hoping it doesn’t look absolutely hideous in the apartment! 🙂

IMG_3637Aside from the usual preparations, we did take a night away out of town to head down to a wedding of a friend in mine in Southern Illinois. Can’t pass up an excuse to dress up and dance right?! In addition to her wedding, one of my very best friends will be getting married in two weeks so naturally I am busy with all of those wedding and bachelorette plans as well. Life is certainly never dull for us as of lately! Does anyone have any wonderful advice for packing and moving day for us? As this is a much longer distance and our first big move, we welcome any words of encouragement of course!

“She holds onto hope, for He is forever faithful.” – 1 Corinthians 1:9


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