I should be working instead…

Hiya everyone!

I decided to take some time out of my day to give everyone a weekly update on our always thrilling life! 🙂 Actually, as the title says, I should be working. But, after a few very stressful days I figured 20 minutes away from staring at documents and numbers will do  me some good.

I am putting in for a big prayer request this week because as moving gets closer, it seems there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done. We are still packing and planning, but work got a whole lot busier this week unexpectedly for me and to be honest, it has just been a rough week for the both of us all around for various personal reasons. I am trusting in Him and I know that there is a plan in place, but, we are human and sometimes when life gets tough there is nothing else to say but “Well, this sucks.” Luckily, I hate feeling down and out so I keep with my optimism as much as possible but everyone has their moment, hour, day etc. where it is a little more difficult to stay that way yah know? So yes, prayers needed please. 🙂

On a lighter, more positive note- we do have a few exciting things coming up! One of my very best friends is getting married next weekend! I will be spending this Saturday celebrating her last night out as a single lady with my closest friends and next Saturday Adam and I will be celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Birky together with them! 🙂 I can’t post too much about the bachelorette party because, well, if the bride reads this she would know things to expect. Pictures and details to be posted later! Adam also has a birthday coming up in a couple weeks. I don’t think he is particularly excited about turning 28, but I honestly love celebrating people’s birthdays with them so I say it is exciting, right?! And in typical nerd fashion, Fall premieres are upon us for TV so I get my TGIT Shondaland nights back. Adam gets to roll his eyes and ignore the television every Thursday, but with as much Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet I watch he won’t complain too much! Now if I could just get back on the bandwagon with reading! I have been in such a funk lately with books for some reason it seems that I cannot get out of it and actually finish a book no matter how hard I try. HELP! Does anyone have recommendations for me?!

End of Summer Cookout <3

End of Summer Cookout ❤

Aside from this, we have been spending a lot of family time together lately between his family and mine. I honestly am so blessed that we both get along with each others family so well. I already see his parents and siblings like my own and thankfully, my family loves having him around and have welcomed and accepted him with open arms. We had a cookout last week at his sisters and it was so nice to just spend an afternoon together watching the children play and talking and laughing. What a way to spend the last weekend of summer. This [photo is actually from the cookout and I must give his sister, Allie, credit because I stole this from her Facebook. 🙂

Speaking of Adam’s sister, have I mentioned that she is a fabulous photographer?! I could probably say that 100 times in a row and not get tired of saying it at this point. We spent a family day last weekend with Kaci, his sister Allie and her husband Andrew as well as their little boy Brantley at the County Line Orchard in Hobart. I already love doing a yearly visit to the Orchard but I had asked Allie to join us and take some family photos while we were together with Kaci before the move. And oh boy did she deliver! You can see the ones posted on her Facebook page below. By all means, if you are looking for a photographer, please don’t hesitate to check her out. I highly recommend her, if you couldn’t already tell.  (A Lenae Photography on Facebook, or I am sure you can find her via my page as well- or heck, even check out her new blog loveeverymomenttherhymers.wordpress.com)






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