Long time no post eh? Life has certainly gotten away from me the last couple of weeks! I managed to help throw one of my best friends a bachelorette party, celebrate her becoming a wife, start my last week onsite in Chicago for work, deal with multiple last minute work crisis, pack some more, get my moving plans completely derailed, speak to my favorite author ever, and not lose my mind yet! 🙂


Taking a break on the Indy Pedal Pub Tour!

I have no idea how I never found time to at least post SOMETHING, but oh well, not worth dwelling over now! As I just mentioned, we did celebrate Vanessa’s last night out as a single lady in Indianapolis. It was so nice for so many of us to come together and enjoy a night out together. It doesn’t happen even an 1/8th of what it used to. We did one of the those Pedal Pub tours during the day and boy oh boy were we a sight on that thing! 8 girls pedaling a huge trolley through the city… I think it was the one time we all openly admit that we wished men were with us cause that was a LOT of work! But, despite the insane workout, we still had a blast doing it! In the evening we spent time at a pizza place for dinner before going to Kilroys and on over to Howl at the Moon to dance and laugh and spend the evening making memories. Ness certainly had an amazing time and the memories and stories we all walked away with will forever be talked about!


The 3 amigos ❤


Waiting with the beautiful bride on the big day!

This past weekend though, we all managed to marry Ness off! She is all yours now, Jake! 🙂 All kidding aside, it was an absolutely beautiful celebration of two of the most gorgeous human beings inside and out that I know. I was so honored to stand beside her on her wedding day and watch her marry her best friend. For two amazing individuals to find each other, and make it look so effortless to everyone, it is truly a special thing. I will be the first to admit I was apprehensive when they first got together. But being around these two, everyone who agreed with my concerns can now all say, we were quickly corrected because they are so amazing together. The evening was just as much fun as the two of them are, naturally. The food was delicious, the dancing was blast, and of course the photo booth is never a dull time! I just wish I wasn’t still so sore today!



Two of my very best friends were apart of the wedding party also. I can’t believe I am lucky enough to have these beautiful ladies in my life <3<3<3



My little family at the rehearsal dinner. Words can’t express how much I love these two.

As I previously mentioned, our moving plans got derailed also in the last week and a half. Our apartment will not be done in time, and it was a risk I knew we were taking moving into new construction. But, honestly, I am okay with it. it is postponed a week, and our management company have made it so much easier on us. They have been super understanding about the fact that we are moving from so far and have to be there by a certain date and everything. We worked it all out with storage, movers, and accommodations so we will be okay that first week there. It just was not something anyone loves to hear. Although, my week was brightened when one of my favorite authors ever, Nicholas Sparks, tweeted, followed, and messaged me on Twitter. (Wow, I sound like such a nerd saying all of that!)… basically, it was to send me an advanced copy of his new book as I tweeted how sad I was I wouldn’t get to go to his first book signing in Chicago in years because it was the week I move to St Louis. I NEVER expected to hear from him. The tweet was more for my own frustration than to reach him. But, he still caught wind of it and sent out a copy. It arrived at the end of last week and needless to say, I was THRILLED. Because of the chaos of wedding weekend I only got about 45 pages in over the weekend sadly. I am determined to get that thing read this week though so if you need an advanced book review- I am you girl! 🙂

It is also my last week onsite here in Chicago for work. I debated working half of next week but it has occurred to me that there was literally a very very small chance I wouldn’t lose my mind if I worked up until the move. Because of this, I decided to take the week off next week and focus on all of the last minute things we need. Of course, because of this, work has been extremely chaotic trying to get everything accomplished and all the loose ends tied up before leaving. I may not be leaving the company, but working off two different sites as a big support for the team out here- there are still plenty of things that need to be taken care of and answered for everyone. It is very bittersweet to be leaving this team and the projects I am currently working on. I am SO excited for new challenges and to learn and grow as an employee and person. With that said, so much of what I know and have learned about the industry, company and my job, is because of this place. The refinery, and the individuals I worked with have such a special place in my heart. While I will still be working with them to an extent, it will be from a different position and I do welcome the changes, I just do so with a bittersweet heart.

Do you know what today is? Monday! What does that mean? #MondayMantra is being posted! This week I posted it really just as a proclamation of something I am learning every day more and more. I know that God hears me and I know that my prayers are not useless. I have seen this more lately than I even know where to begin with mentioning. It gives me pure comfort and joy in knowing that I am not alone and that my worries and cares, when given to God, can have an outcome that I could not possibly imagine, in some of the best ways possible. ❤



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