It’s all about the experience!

Well, I am SO thrilled and happy to say that we not only made it, but we survived our week in a boring hotel and managed to move into our beautiful apartment by ourselves!… Well, almost in tiredly by ourselves anyways. It was not an easy task to say the least and I am pretty sure we were very comical to the construction workers that were on site, but I am so proud that we did it- and without a single argument or frustration occurring! Of course we are both hurting immensely now and walking around looking a tad injured and crippled… But- it’s all about the experience! (Or at least that’s what I have kept repeating all weekend) Adams parents came down today to spend the night and help with a couple things that I wasn’t really the best person to complete the task with for Adam. After a day moving and cleaning we enjoyed dinner and walking around the store before coming back home to relax and watch TV. Now it’s just time to keep slowly working to get things together (I promise to post photos of our place this week!) and wait for my parents to come down later in the week with my sweet Lucy! 😊

Of course, my first week of work was not a normal to be expected like work week, but it was actually not terribly offset from what my day to day schedule will be like. I am terribly nervous about catching onto everything, and accomplishing, understanding and embracing all these new things I am learning. However, with that said I do love to learn and it has been enjoyable thus far! I tend to be an over achiever at times so it’s important for me to succeed. 

I promise to post photos this week! I know this is a short post, but somehow exhaustion keeps setting in more and more. But, in the meantime, I can leave you with  this picture of my cute little work cube that has already slightly changed since this was taken… 😊



2 thoughts on “It’s all about the experience!

  1. So glad everything is going well! I believe you majored in OLS (or maybe it was HR?). What kind of company do you work for and what is your position like? I had a horrible time finding a decent job here in El Paso (not bilingual, having zero connections), and ended up settling for something that I pretty much despised. Message me on FB if you’re more comfortable that discussing it here!

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