Slowly Coming Together

Have you ever just had one of those really exhausting months? Not just days, but months. You know, the ones where, by the end of it, you feel like you have lost half of your mind and your brain literally cannot recall next to anything? Well, that is about how I am feeling these days. I am truly looking forward to finding my mind again and finally starting to get organized. I love organization, I thrive on organization. And unfortunately, organization has not been my strong point the last month.

The good news is, Adam got a job! I am so so so thrilled to be sharing that news finally. He certainly is not one to like being bored, and of course that is what happens when you are spending over 40 hours a week alone with very little to do. He is a technician for a tire and oil chain out here in the area so he is doing something he knows how to do well, and actually enjoys. Plus, Lord knows we really needed him to land a job quick for financial purposes also. Unfortunately for my sporadic traveling and trips I enjoy taking, he works Saturdays. So, this will make last minute trips very hard to come by for a while. But, we have to do what we have to do right? And besides, this job is certainly a blessing to us and a good start at hopefully finding a long lasting career path with a great company for him.

Just a girl and her dog. :)

Just a girl and her dog. 🙂

The OTHER good news is, Lucy is with us again and we spent Halloween with Kaci! My parents brought Lucy down to us, and, well, it is something I hate talking about because it pulls at my heart strings a little that she is away from my parents and they are away from her, as she was their little buddy… but, it is so nice to have her back with us. We actually took her to a dog park for the first time this weekend. 1) I love dog parks I have decided and 2) I have also decided I am pretty sure Lucy gets social anxiety and hates being in crowds. The girl did not want to leave my side or interact with anyone. But, she handled it really well anytime dogs wanted to interact with her. She just never sought it. It was pretty cute seeing her run around and play though, I felt like a proud mom.

Elsa and Anna <3

Elsa and Anna ❤

And Kaci looked adorable in her last minute Elsa costume. She borrowed a wig from my niece that way she could have blonde hair just like Elsa. And to be honest, it didn’t really fit. But she was so dang excited we just let her wear it anyways, she is 3, she looks cute in anything she wears right? 🙂 We took her and Addie, our niece, trick or treating together and they had a blat.

I know I promised pictures of the apartment, and since I promised. I will deliver. However, I had posted a link on my Facebook so I am sure everyone has actually seen these already. I don’t have any photos of our stuff actually in it, but maybe one day I will get on the ball a little more.

Panoramic view of kitchen, living and dinning room

Panoramic view of kitchen, living and dinning room

Kitchen view from the living room

Kitchen view from the living room

So now that November is here, we are officially in the middle of my favorite time of the year! And, we officially are less than 20 days away from Black Friday! Yes, yes, I am one of those. I truly do it just for the experience and rush. Only 1 year did I ever actually go for something, and it was not even for me. Of course I buy things when I go, but I rarely set out with the intent that I am going for some crazy item that they only have 4 of. But, I went once and enjoyed it so much I go back every year. Of course I understand those people could be home with their families, and I absolutely agree that they should be. The earlier the stores open every year, the less and less excited I get to go. But, to be honest, I am just realistic and I know we can’t change the stores hours by refusing to shop so, if they have to be there, it might as well be for a good reason right? Cause I don’t know about you, but I would be a little upset if I was forced to work it and then the stores were slow enough that there was no need to have me give up my day. But, to each their own of course.

Aside from that, work is crazy busy these days. I am learning so much and growing in so many ways in my work, it is overwhelming at times. A good overwhelming though. Combine that with figuring out all these new adult things you start figuring out at this age and living away for the first time, how could it not be overwhelming right? But, I am truly enjoying it. With that said though, I am sharing the Monday Mantra this week. I know nothing was posted last week, but I also didn’t post anything on the Monday Mantra either so, don’t worry, you didn’t miss any of my wisdom. 😉 Happy Monday everyone!!

Monday Mantra 11.9.15

Monday Mantra 11.9.15


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