Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

SURPRISE!! I didn’t fall of the face of the Earth and I am still here and kicking it. I know it might seem different with the lack of posts lately. I honestly don’t know how time got away from me. Never the less, in the words of an Eminem song, I am back, back again.

Thanksgiving has come and went so quickly it seemed like. I loved having the extra time off of work, but I couldn’t begin to tell you what I spent my time off doing! I spent some time with my family and enjoyed the holiday, did a little shopping with my mom, came back to St Louis and cleaned non stop I felt like, cooked a few meals…. just had normal days it seemed like. The weather the entire time was cold and rainy, so that put a damper on even wanting to really leave the house. But, I will take that over snow and ice so I shouldn’t complain. The holiday itself was really nice. It was a little different this year with everyone in my family having an unexpected change in schedules, not all were able to attend. However, it was still nice to spend time with those that were able to. The kids all had a great time running around like crazy. We got to spend quality time with Kaci for a little bit, and Adam got some much needed hunting in. Plus, I got to see a few friends and enjoy some time with them.


Old photo from the summer, but I just had to show off my best friend for a moment. 🙂

Speaking of friends, my beautiful best friend Kylee had a girls day the weekend before Thanksgiving and we were able to spend some time together picking out the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding, and I was able to see her pick out her dress for the big day. Talk about excitement! I am thrilled for her, and watching her cry as she said yes to the dress was such a special moment I am forever grateful I was able to experience with her. She will make a beautiful bride. Plus, if I am being a taaaaaad selfish here, I was just happy to get to spend some time together. Being 700 miles away from one another, this has been the longest we have went without seeing each other like, ever. So, some time together between that and spending a little time at my parents during Thanksgiving was nice and it gave me enough Kylee time to hold me over until Christmas. 🙂


Family time at the Arch!

Since my last post, Adam’s sister and her family also came to visit! It was a nice weekend together. I finally had an excuse to go to the Soulard Farmers Market in downtown as I had been wanting to go forever now and I loved the whole vibe of all the little individual stands selling way discounted produce, meat, spices. etc. I will certainly have to be making more visits back there. It also gave me an excuse to visit our local IKEA as it just opened, and despite being overwhelmingly busy in there, I loved it just as I thought I would. Now if I could only afford everything I want. IKEA may be priced cheap, but once you add in every single thing you want- the prices add up. We also went up to the Arch before they left to go home and I loved seeing Brantley’s face on the ride up. Talk about priceless. The poor boy was so confused/interested in what was going on in this little spaceship looking box we rode up in.

Also, speaking of boys- I have to take a moment to give a shoutout to this handsome young man who has had my heart for way too many years now. His birthday was on Thanksgiving this year, and I just can’t seem to get over how grown up he is and he continues to be. It seems like overnight he went from the little boy I had to read stories to in order to get him to eat, to the young man who is taller than me, cares about his hair style, and who I just cant seem to fully accept is growing up. Happy birthday to my one of a kind nephew, Jonah! I know you don’t really read the blog, but I still have to brag for a moment about how awesome you are and just how much I love you!


Looking at this from the spring- I can hardly believe how much he has grown in 6 months even. 😦 STOP IT!

Aside from the visitors we had, and the visit home, we really have just been busy working and doing day to day things. I have a 5 day training session next week that should keep me pretty busy at work as I will be in classes all day, and still need to complete all my daily/weekly reports. Adam has really been enjoying his job lately. Thankfully, everyone he works with is very nice. I also am in the process of decorating the apartment and putting the tree together so as soon as I am done, I am sure my heart will be bursting with Christmas and Holiday joy I will be posting all sorts of photos and participating in many Holiday things in the area. Hallmark Christmas movies are playing round the clock already, and I am in the mood to begin baking Holiday goodies ! It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂 What is your favorite part about the holidays? Do you have any traditions you keep up with each year? I love learning of new things and getting all sorts of different ideas! ❤


This week’s Monday Mantra. Just a reminder for anyone struggling a little with a bad day or two. 


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