It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It is finally December and I am  loving it! It may be unpredictable temperatures, crazy busy, and full of all these little extras that you need to spend time and money on, but I love this month. It is always my favorite. It is full of this overall positive feeling that makes most people a little happier.

It is a little different being in St. Louis for this season than being at home. I didn’t really think about how different the season would be being almost 6 hours away from home. I don’t get to experience some of my favorite places and things, Christmas Around the World at the Science and Industry Museum, Christkindle Market in Chicago, my annual baking day with my nieces, mom and sisters, decorating my parents entire house, and sitting next to my mom’s overwhelmingly beautiful Christmas Tree just relaxing with a Christmas book and a cup of coffee. As sad as I am about these things (and believe me, I am), positive Lyndsay is forever trying to look on the bright side of this. I will still get to do some of these things the week I come home for Christmas, just not as much. The good news about all of these changes is that it gives me a chance to experience the Christmas season in a new and refreshing way. Adam and I get to make our own traditions and I get to add to my list of favorite things about the season.

Our apartment is nowhere near as decorated as my parents house, and my tree is not even close to as beautiful and large as my moms. But, never the less I am still so proud of my first Christmas decorating experience outside of their house. We have a small tree that fits perfect in the dinning room area, a few little decorations, stockings, all the basic good stuff. We have already drove through the Celebration of Lights at the local park down the road. They have a walk through night this week that is called the Old Fashioned Holiday Stroll, we are planning to go to also. It is described to kind of  be like a Christmas Bazaar in the park, so I am very excited! They also have the zoo here in St. Louis featuring Wild Lights each week for a few days, as well as a lights special event at the botanical gardens. I doubt we make it to everything, but it is still nice to know we have options of course. We also have discussed starting our own tradition of going out to a nice dinner and enjoying a holiday meal together to just relax from all the busy hustle and bustle. Of course all of this is on top of the usual events of me recording every hallmark movie as it comes on and binge watching as we have been doing lately. 🙂

Despite loving this season and remaining fairly busy, I have still been feeling as if I need to find a hobby or craft of some kind to keep me busy and make me feel more fulfilled. With Adam and I only have each other (and Lucy of course!), there is not much outside of hanging out with each other and working that we do. So, I have really been thinking about getting into something new. In the past, a big hobby of mine was traveling of course. But, that changes when you move out and far away and cannot afford a trip every few weeks to somewhere new or to do something exciting. It is okay, I knew it would come with it the whole idea of making these changes. But, I just need something different to excite me and fill my time. It could be a side hobby for fun, something that brings in extra income, both, really anything as long as I will like it. I am hoping that an idea I really am interested in pops up soon in my mind and I follow through with it. What kind of hobbies do you partake, or are you interested in?


Monday Mantra for 12.7.15


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