Howard Homestead Here

Life is as normal as ever at the Howard Homestead. 🙂 Now that the holidays are over and life is slowing down a little bit, Adam and I have both just been busy working and taking on little projects here are there when time allows. The weather has been pretty mild so far for us. Of course I will probably be jinxing myself with that statement, but it is true. I have yet to see snow here in St Louis and most days it is fairly warm. Living in Chicagoland previously, I could never say that by this time of the season! When I say the weather has been mild, I am naturally referring to the winter weather, and not the extreme flooding that was going on the last couple for weeks. (The flooding did not affect us really, other than a few road closures, just fyi)

Adam has really been getting into jig tying again for fishing as of late. He keeps getting the itch to fish and hunt more than usual even lately. I think it is the age old idea that you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy. I am sure within the next couple weeks he will be actually getting outside and doing a little bit. I know he has already found some good areas and continues to search the area for more and more places.


The beginning of our Family Planner!

Work has been as normal as ever for me. I have been focusing on trying to organize life, the apartment, and well, basically everything. The last update I gave you, I introduced the Don’t Ask What’s For Dinner and our Financial calculator we will be using. But, going more in depth on that, I started thinking why not organize a little more stuff? And then my thought was “I hate a messy fridge so where will I display all of this stuff?” and I figured why not try a family planner! So, despite it just being Adam and I in the apartment, I still created a family planner that is complete with everything you can think of in hopes to help us stay organized and make life a little easier to manage so we have more time to enjoy the actual enjoyable things in life rather than figuring out what is for dinner, or stressing about how much I have to clean in one day…

Our planner includes:

  • Weekly Calendar (this will get posted on the fridge each week too though)
  • Weekly Menu (same)
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Gift Ideas
  • Family tradition ideas
  • Hobbies and Interest ideas to try
  • Auto Service records
  • Take Out Menus
  • Daily cleaning lists
  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • Monthly, semi annual and annual cleaning schedule
  • Contacts
  • Medical information
  • Insurance information
  • Emergency information
  • Notes
  • Wants/Needs
  • House Wishlist
  • Books to Read
  • Financial Planner by year, by month, and pay off schedule
  • Bills that we receive in the mail
  • And a blog planner too!

It might sound crazy to some, but the idea is truly that it is our go to for any information. What bills need to be paid? “Oh let me check the binder!” What did I plan for next weeks dinners, I need to grocery shop. “Oh, let me check the binder!” What is that our dentists phone number “Oh, let me check the binder!” What deep cleaning do I have planned for this month? “Oh, let me check the binder!” (okay, you get the idea) If this is something that you are interested in, I suggest just giving it a try. Pinterest has tons of printable options to use ready to go! Some are free, some are not, just make sure if you search “home binder printables” you include the magic word- FREE! You can even design your own, or use a multitude of different ones from various sites. I used some of my own, a couple from random blogs, but the majority came from -tahey have 3 different designs and most of what you need to get you started comes in an easy to download package. Ours is a work in progress, but at least it is giving me something to work on this week outside of the normal work-house-life stuff. And if this is something you are interested in or would like a little guidance on, I would love to help you out!!


Last weekend, Adam’s sister Allie came for a visit with her husband, Andrew. It was their second visit to the city and honestly, we just love having them around. (If only we could convince them to just move here! ;)) The trip was centered around of all things, shopping! This means that Allie and I got to take another trip to Ikea. Okay, so the guys came too, but they were not as thrilled with the trip as we were. Of course, At Home was in the mix since Allie and Andrew can’t experience the store in Indiana and we couldn’t not do some regular shopping and visit a book store even. It was a nice, laid back trip though. We played games, watched movies, and Allie and I spent a lot of time coloring. I got 3 new coloring books for Christmas so i finally invested in some good markers to color with, instead of using my good ol crayola pencils, and I have been having a field day ever since coloring just about every single night!

Another exciting thing this week, Kaci turned 4 on January 7th!! I truly cannot believe how much she has grown in the time since Adam and I have been together. I am so so so blessed and lucky to be in her life and play such a large part. I could brag about that little girl all day and tell you how bright and silly and talented and sweet and kind she is. Coming into her life was by far one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Unfortunately because of the distance, we won’t see her on her birthday. But, our next trip home next month we will be having a small party for her- a ballerina party at her request! So, it is safe to say that pinterest and I will be pretty close for the next few weeks! Happy birthday Kaci!!



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