Cabin Fever

Okay, I am starting to get cabin fever over here. The weather has actually been fairly mild and nice this winter, and it is only mid January… and I am already getting cabin fever. I can’t help it. I love taking trips, going on vacations and exploring and I have not done much of that lately. This is in large part because we were trying to save money for the move, then we both started new jobs, and now we decided to prioritize and be adults and pay off some debts before really looking into house buying and all that other adult life stuff. The good news? We are living in a new city, so this year we can explore everything St Louis has to offer when it is warmer and I probably won’t get as restless as I normally would. But, today? Today I am restless. Of course we are still tossing around vacation ideas this year, I am just realizing that we won’t be taking the larger international trip I originally planned for (Hello, Brazil Summer Olympics).

My list of where I would like to travel to is ever growing and increasing. It is often difficult for me to make it to many places because I have a tendency to go back to places I have visited before and love (I am looking at you, Vegas, Disney, Cruises, California) and never seem to convince myself to stay away for too long. So, because of this, I thought, why not create a bucket list of travels. However, I am limiting myself. You know those lists you see online all the time (or maybe it is just my web surfing addicted self?)? The ones where it is like “100 places to visit before you die” “30 trips to take before you’re 30” and all that jazz? Well, this is going to be similar. Instead, I am going to do 40 trips to take before I am 65. Why this method? Well… I have 40 years (okay 39.5) before I am 65…. so ideally that is 1 a year, until retirement. Well, I don’t know that I am retiring at 65 exactly- but that is a common retirement age so might as well use that as my starting point. Or, I could win the next 1.5 billion powerball lottery and take them all before I am 30… that option works for me too, just saying. 🙂 Okay, back down to reality, I probably won’t get 1 a year because some of these will be difficult to pull off… especially once babies are brought into the picture. But, a girl can dream right? A girl can also hustle to achieve that dream… but more on that in a different post!

For the record, I am cheating a little. I will name countries and if there is more than one place within that country I would like to go, they are all included as one.

40 Places to Visit Before I am 65

  1. Istanbul,Turkey
  2. Greece
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Croatia croatia
  5. Italy (Almafi Coast, Naples, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Vatican City, Venice)
  6. Reykjavik, Iceland
  7. St Petersburg, Russia
  8. Bora Bora/Tahiti
  9. Thailand
  10. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  11. Angel Falls, Venezuela
  12. Crater Lake
  13. Yellowstone (Jackson Hole, Devils Tower), Wyoming
  14. Alaska
  15.  Jordan (The Dead Sea, Petra)Petra-Jordan
  16. Taj Mahal, India
  17. Cuba
  18. Patagonia
  19. Easter Island
  20. New Orleans
  21. Rocky Mountain State Park
  22. Bali
  23. Ireland
  24. Amsterdam
  25. Dubai, UAE
  26. Africa (Nairobi, Madagascar)
  27. Cape Town, South Africa
  28. Morroco (Casablanca and Marrakesh)
  29. The Galapagos Islands
  30. Whistler, Canada
  31. Baniff National Park
  32. Zion National Park (& Bryce Canyon)Bryce Canyon
  33. Adirondack Mountains
  34. Edinburgh, Scotland
  35. Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
  36. Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv)
  37. Oneonta Gorge, Oregon
  38. Oahu, Hawaii
  39. Bad Lands, South Dakota
  40. Glacier National Park, Montanaglacier national park


Ahhhh there you have it, my dream list of travel destinations! Maybe one day I will make a list of the top places I would like to go back to or something. It is pretty fun just thinking about all of these locations, both that I have been to and that I have yet to go to. What would be your top places to travel to? Where have you already went that you loved? I am always open to more ideas! (bonus points if it isn’t going to cost me a fortune like most of these would :))


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