Pretty in Pink


Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

WOW, what a whirlwind weekend! … Well, week really.

Adam came down with a major toothache and infection early last week that we had to unexpectedly deal with. Then, it was all about preparing for Kaci’s birthday party and packing for a weekend trip home while trying to work extra days to make up for leaving early Friday and squeezing in so much stuff at work during a training week! It is safe to say that today, I am finally starting to feel exhausted a little. The good news is, Adam is feeling good again and the face swelling has went down. Plus, we found a nice dentist office because of this. (I jokingly call it the jiffy lube of dentists because of how quickly he was in and out!)

We had Kaci’s 4th birthday party this weekend. It was so nice to go home and spend the weekend with her, but it is certainly getting harder and harder to leave her every time it seems like. Well, I still pull away from mom and dad’s crying every time so I think it is just hard in general to leave each time. But, I am pretty sure she grows so much every single time we see her! She requested a ballerina birthday party this year, and her wish was my command! However, it is rather difficult to find ballerina things for parties. Everything is princess right now. Which, I love still, and she does too (I was shocked she didn’t want a princess party!) but princess is not ballerina. So, it is safe to say I improvised a little bit – used pink everywhere, created ballerina coloring pages for the kids, used ballerina scrap booking stickers all over, etc. . It was just a small gathering of our closest family and it was nice to have everyone together, the kids running around playing and everyone catching up.


Noah William Howard ❤

Baby Noah was born also last week! I am pretty sure he made his appearance a week early just because he knew we would be home and he wanted to see Uncle Adam and Aunt Lyndsay (I gave myself that title… shhh) 🙂 You can see from his photo that he is just the sweetest thing! There for a while a baby or two was born in our family every year, Adam’s also, so I was pretty used to being around babies for a while and now that it has been a few years, I was ready to get my baby fix!

While visiting this weekend my mom and I had an impromptu sleepover with my nieces and Kaci. The girls came over after the party to be watched for a little bit while my brother and sister in law took care of somethings and they ended up having so much fun together they didn’t want to leave! Staying the night together doesn’t happen very often and it truly was such a fun night! A little exhausting of course (because let me tell you- those girls are like energizer bunnies!), but they each are so fun and different in their own ways. Plus, at 7, 5 and 4 – those are such fun ages! Their brothers were over too for a little bit, but being a little bit older, and being boys, they are the easygoing ones. Put a hunting show or something on TV for them and they will sit their quietly for hours. It is easy to forget that they are even around!


There are no words for the love I have for these girls.

Now that the holidays are over and Kaci’s party is done, the real focus for the next 8 weeks is on my best friends bridal shower! It is hard to believe that 5 months from today she is getting married, and 8 weeks from tomorrow, I will be hosting her bridal shower with the help of her sister and mom. Now all the little details and minor things will start to be executed and come together and I am thrilled to be able to play such a part in her day!

Work has picked up tremendously in the last two weeks! I am loving it. I thrive on being overwhelmingly busy. I know I know, I am weird. But, I just feel that I have always performed so well under pressure. We have a very large project starting up soon with project kick off slated for Mid March for a company in Egypt building what will be the largest catcracker in the world. Pretty exciting stuff in my line of work. Pretty boring to the rest of the world I am sure. But, because of the sheer size of the project, and the fact that it is going to be on the new system that I was brought in to run and support, that means pedal to the metal to get everyone ready for this in the next 6 weeks. I am loving it. In addition to this, I of course have all of my other day to day tasks and responsibilities so I have now taken to referring to  myself when additional requests come in as being wonder woman! Fake it til you make it they say… right? 🙂 What does this mean for my blog some of you may be wondering? Nothing, I will be keeping up with it all the same-hopefully even growing more in the amount of posts completed. Or at least growing a more regular schedule!… Small steps, Lyndsay, small steps they say…


For some reason, it is cut off in this photo.. but this weeks Monday Mantra- Be Brave With Your Life ❤


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