In Case You Were Wondering…

Wow… It has been over 2 weeks since my last post. I don’t even know how that happened. That is just life I guess. In fact, now that I think about it, I haven’t been too talkative in general over these last couple of weeks. I suppose I never noticed it before now, but even the amount of conversation I carry with others has decreased and I have just had less to say. I am still blaming it on the weather. 🙂 I know the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, and that February is not even over with yet- but come on spring! I am getting tired of waiting on you. Although, I say this knowing full well that St Louis gets extremely hot, and I don’t particularly love very hot weather either. I just like warm. I will gladly take months and months of warm weather. Leave the cold, leave the hot. Just perfect temps in the upper 60’s and low 70’s, please.  But, in case you were wondering how life has been for us…

I believe on my last post I mentioned how  my friends were coming to visit- and they did! We had a nice weekend together going to dinner, shopping, site seeing… all the usual fun things. It was just enjoyable to have company. Naturally they had to come on the coldest weekend we have had yet here in St Louis. But, with those two, it is always fun no matter what the temps are.


I’ve gone country… well, at least started to. 😉

Valentines Day has come and gone now as well! My oh my! I have never been a huge celebrator if the day but I  don’t mind giving in a little to the celebration and idea of the day. Adam knows the way to my heart so naturally he got me food. And by food I mean an extremely overpriced edible arrangement. But, it was delicious so while it may have been the most expensive fruit I have ever had, I enjoyed every piece of it! (Next time we just might chose our own “Valentines Day” to celebrate and save the enormous up charges that day brings. We also celebrated by going to the ro-de-o! Okay, it was PBR (professional bull riding), but that is close to the same thing right?! I knew Adam had been wanting to go for a very long time and heard they were coming to St Louis so I figured, why not?! I love trying new things and it is his little taste of country in the city so it was worth it in my eyes. But then… I went… and I loved it. No seriously, I LOVED it! I am pretty sure I would go on a regular basis if they were always in town. We did not see any major injuries, falls or bulls going nuts. But, we still had a great time and both agreed it was worth the tickets and driving in the crappy weather that morning to get there and we will go back. Hey at this point, I am even starting to have my favorites already.

Last weekend we went home for a very last minute surprise trip. Adam had an unexpected weekend off, so we figured we might as well take advantage of it since he found out he could get Kaci that weekend and so we packed the car up, loaded ourselves and Lucy into it and left behind the mid and upper 70 degree weather we were having and drove back to good ol Indiana. It was a nice trip home. I don’t usually manage to get time with everyone in, but somehow on this trip I did. We enjoyed time with both of our families both together and separate and even had some time to visit with a friend or two. I had an afternoon with my mama to go to Baileys (because living so far a way sometimes you actually MISS that place funny enough- but I remembered why I hate being there on Saturdays!), Adam finally got to go fishing for a bit with a friend and to breakfast and I enjoyed a girls night at the movies and visiting one of my best friends to see the new house her and her husband just bought. Plus, it was Adam’s mom’s birthday too so the last minute trip ended up being an even better idea by the end of the weekend!


First photo of all 5 of the cousins.

Other than our last 2 busy weekends, life has been pretty normal aside from Adam’s job change. He is taking a new position with a different company in the area. I honestly don’t know much on the details side of it currently so I can’t really say anything about it until I learn more. However, he is in classes this week and begins mid next week working for this irrigation company. It was sad seeing him leave Plaza as I know he loved the people there but, as we all know, we have to do whats best for us in the long term and this new position has more room for growth and is more of a position Adam can grow with and into long term. It came up rather quickly and caught us off guard but after discussing it we both decided it was worth taking a shot at it and digging into the opportunity. We could really use some prayers so that the transition is pretty painless for us both as it is going to be different for me too even.  I am eager to know what his work schedule will be like and what to expect though so I can get back to planning some exciting stuff for us to do in the upcoming warm months! We do have a few projects we want to work on inside the apartment also as the weather breaks and his job gets off and running. It is kind of funny, I didn’t feel like February was lasting too long until the last couple of weeks with all the changes and events going on. Now, I feel as if it is dragging by! My to do list is never ending both at home and at work (although I am NOT complaining), so you would think one is busy, time flies by. Apparently that is not the case for yours truly.

I am trying to pray for patience and peace in my mind because I hate feeling anxious. And anxious is exactly how I have been lately. Waiting for this. Counting down for this to happen. Wanting that. Sorting this out and planning that. It truly never ends. After a while it feels as if I am just wishing everything away (except cold weather- I will wish that away all day) and not really present in the moment as much as I would like to be. I really need to focus even more on it and just give my mindset and everything on it over to God and let Him do the work. I know He has it handled and the control freak in me just needs a bit of a break at this point! I am trying to unwind more by focusing on time away from my phone a little bit everyday, time away from electronics and just unplugged from the world. I am trying to quiet my mind and relax more often- if that is in the car driving in silence, or taking a bubble bath and enjoying my own at home spa time. I am always open to new ways to let things go and relax a little though. How do you like to ease your mind and let yourself breath? What are your go to methods for relaxing? I would love to hear!



My sweet Jovie girl got first place at her science fair! I miss that face every single day, but I am such a proud auntie!


2 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering…

  1. I have deleted Facebook off my phone! haha I just was getting so aggravated that every few minutes I caught myself going to grab my phone to check it, like a reflex , so I had to break myself. Today is the first time I’ve been on in a few days and it’s because I pulled out my laptop! I definitely agree with wishing things away, I’ve been bad for that lately, and I want to focus more on the present 🙂

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    • I know! I’m making an effort to give myself a limit of how much I check it. It sounds bad to say only 3 times a day… But that’s way less than normal for me! Now it’s usually once in the morning, once on my lunch and once in the evening. I just need to unplug sometimes and lately I feel that way more than ever!

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