March Madness

I am THRILLED to finally say it is March! I cannot wait until the weather is a steady temperature above 60 degrees consistently. Living in Missouri I have found that it will probably happen a lot sooner than it would if we were still in Northwest Indiana so

I have some projects I really want to work on but I need to be able to open windows and our deck door to air the apartment out as I work and when it is too cold, not only do I not have the motivation but I couldn’t even begin to convince myself to get the motivation because I would freeze with the doors open for hours! So, needless to say, I am eager to begin on them now. (Don’t worry- I will post photos later of the before and afters) On top of that, being able to get out and do things will be so nice again. St Louis is very much an outdoor city. A lot of the really cool things to do in the city or in surrounding areas are all outdoors. Which hey, I love. But, it also makes it next to impossible to do anything fun then in the wintertime. I also want to start finding hiking areas around here to begin hiking a little and enjoying the nature we have around here.

Adam has been itching to fish and finally started going and exploring more areas this week. I am happy he can tolerate cold more than me, (in fact he loves it) so he has been getting in touch with the country in him again a little bit. Makes us feel a little more at home too when he can do those things.


Missing my best friend and our nonstop laughs when together extra much lately.

Aside from our usual day to day events (work, home, dinner, clean, errands, tv shows) nothing exciting has really been going on. But, that is okay for now. Come time in a couple weeks I know life will start to pick up a little more and get busy again so I am enjoying the downtime. I have my best friends bridal shower Easter weekend and leading up to it I am going to be busy finalizing things, ensuring we are good to go on the details and getting myself excited! This is followed by an event practically every single weekend until her wedding June 25th. (Not all of the events are for her, should probably clear that up) And on top of that, I am really trying to find time to have a weekend getaway for us or something- even something small. My mind is begging for a break and a few days away and it has been way too long for myself.

Talk about going non stop! But, living so far away is making it difficult to attend every single thing so I have a feeling in the next couple of weeks we are going to have to pick and choose what we can attend. That is a first for me, and sure to take some getting used to. Speaking of getting used to, I am trying to practice patience a little more. I know Big Easy knows what he is doing up there, and there is a plan, but sometimes, when things in life seem to be stagnant and not moving forward, I get a little antsy and want to see more results. It is a flaw, a human flaw, but a flaw none the less. So, I am learning that I need to just breathe, not get caught up in everything happening all at once all the time. The things we are working for and towards, the things we want, they will happen in time. I just have to have faith. ā¤

“Trust the process. Enjoy the Ride”

Because it is a new month this means I can give you an update on a couple of monthly things I said I would be posting so this week I will focus on writing an entry regarding the books I read in February- yes, books. I found time in my life last month to read more than one and it felt AMAZING to be able to sit there and do so. šŸ™‚ However, I will go ahead and add in my Monday Mantra’s for this post and show you what kind of good vibes I had been putting out šŸ™‚


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