Whirlwind Weekend!

Wow! I feel like I am finally catching my breath a little bit! We made it back home for Easter at the end of last week and got to enjoy some time with family and friends before heading back to Missouri, but man, it can get exhausting doing so much in so little time! Not that I am complaining at all, I love seeing everyone and visiting and going back to Indiana. I just find that I usually wish that I was off that Monday I am heading back to work just to catch up on everything. Between grocery shopping, unloading, unpacking, and the daily evening stuff (dinner, lunch, laundry, etc.) Mondays tend to just beat me up! So, last night what did I do? I decided after eating dinner that I was going to lay in bed even though it was still daylight, start a new series on Netflix, and do nothing. And it was great. (by the way, I started Jane the Virgin after numerous suggestions from multiple people…)


My gorgeous best friend Kylee, the bride.

Anyways, as I previously mentioned, Saturday was my best friends bridal shower! Being so far away, I was thrilled enough just to get to see her for a little bit, let alone actually celebrate something so exciting! The shower came along great though. I am starting to think I am taking after my moms family, I do everything super quick anymore it seems like. (No joke, parties when I was kid used to be like an hour long and I never understood how that was possible- until now) As she is having a small wedding, it was a small shower, so that certainly helped it move along quickly. But, I just figure, everyone is always free to hang around and talk and chitchat… but with a small amount of people, by the time you eat, play a couple games, and open gifts… it goes by faster than you realize. I was really pleased with the decor and how it all turned out. I will admit, I didn’t totally know what to expect because I had been planning this between myself in Missouri, her little sister in southern Indiana, and her mother in South Carolina… all while keeping everything a secret from her! So, it was the truly the first time I saw everything together at once, all ideas come together and executed and everything working out. The food was fantastic as we had it catered by my favorite catering there in my hometown- Burketts! Seriously, I can’t even begin to brag about their chicken… and their noodles… and their mashed potatoes.. and coleslaw… and meatballs… and everything. haha! The subtle nods to the south went over very well, and everyone loved the frames with the things that Dean loves about Kylee. And I got so many compliments on the centerpieces I was actually surprised because they were SO cheap and SO easy (thanks to Sonya and Hayley for finding them in her grandmas basement- and painting them!) because of the awesome finds the brides mom and sister did, and the fact that I love couponing and Michaels can throw out some major deals in their floral area sometimes. Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of photos after the decor was finished, and non as the shower was going on, just a lot of in progress photos and after the party. I have to thank all of the bridesmaids who were supportive on everything and very helpful with the set up and clean up, as well as offering their services and advice and opinions throughout the process. ❤

Easter was fantastic! (Easter is always fantastic in our house!) My family actually really gets into Easter and the kids probably do half a dozen egg hunts throughout the year so I am always looking forward to hiding hundreds of eggs with my siblings for them and watching them get excited over their prizes. I feel like I also never have considered just how good the food is at Easter every year. Everyone talks about Thanksgiving and Christmas food and don’t get me wrong- it is amazing at both holidays, but Easter flies under the radar for some reason. Or maybe we just had really good food this year? Either way, I am still wishing we had more leftovers because for once, I loved eating them. It was so nice to see everyone for a little bit too while in town. It is one of the rare holidays that a little bit of extended family comes over too, so the larger amounts of people may  make for a louder and more chaotic household- but I love it!


This is probably one of my favorite photos of the kids, even though they are not looking. They were so excited to get into the eggs!

Adams family Easter was on Easter Sunday at his sisters. I feel like I haven’t got to see them very much or spend much time with them the last couple of times we came home because I always coming home with a list of things to get done, so it was nice to be able to relax and visit for more than a few and without rushing out the door. Kaci loves seeing them and what kid passes up her third – yes, third- egg hunt in one weekend?! And the food there- wow! (can you tell I am just hungry right now? :)) I told Adam I think I forget how much I love some of that stuff that was there until I have it again and remember all over. We actually discussed back during Kaci’s birthday how fun it would be for a pinata for the kids, so it was pretty funny to actually get one and watch the kids whack it on Easter Sunday. But, it was a nice little something different to do. And we may even do it again next year! 🙂

I am actually loving this stormy weather we are having around here today. I feel like the storms always tend to happen overnight, and I am a big believer that if it is going to rain- it should thunderstorm. Not like, heavy scary bad storms- just a nice, good, long thunderstorm. Thankfully, they are calling for it to only be today though as my brother and sister in law and their kids are coming down this weekend! It is Spring Break so they are taking a trip to visit and I cannot wait! They haven’t been here since the weekend we moved our stuff down, and into the storage unit for a week. So, it is their chance to see our place finally in person and enjoy some time together exploring the area. We haven’t had much of a chance to do so because we always seem to be having guests when the weather is cold, or well, it was winter and just hard to get out. So, I will gladly take the 60’s and partly sunny this weekend! And don’t worry, I will be sure to give me full review of anything we do! 🙂


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