Life is what happens

You know that John Lennon quote “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” (at least I think he said it)? It holds more true the older you get I have realized. Not to say that life has been passing me by at all, just that I feel like lately I have noticed it is more of a “blink and you’ll miss three weeks of your life without noticing that three weeks even passed by” life for me. That is what happens I suppose, when you have weekend plans, deadlines, goals at work to meet, and you are trying to take care of an apartment that you cannot seem to understand how two people can make SO many dishes and have SO much laundry! (Seriously concerned about the amount that will be there should or family expand one day)


I couldn’t love them more if I tried

My brother and sister in law and their kids all came to visit us for a weekend this month and it was seriously amazing! I am pretty sure I never wanted that weekend to end. I just adore those babies so much (okay, not babies anymore, but I will forever call them that) and having Brad and Ash here for a couple of days to laugh with and enjoy girl/guy time with was just a blast. We had a pretty laid back weekend, visited The Science Center and Planetarium, Forrest Park and Busch Wildlife. We grilled out and watched movies, or in the guys case, March Madness finals and we just relaxed. I took way too many photos of the kids, and yet still I find it to be not nearly enough. We are already texting back and forth about their next visit and the plans that we will be making, while realizing it make take 2 or 3 trips to accomplish it all- and look forward to it becoming a normal routine for them to visit often!

12907328_1601576446753583_1516964128_nThe following weekend feels like it flew by so quick it didn’t even happen! Adam unfortunately had to work that Saturday (busy season on activations means Saturday hours are required) so I had to make a drive to Indiana myself- I literally hate going without him. But, one of my closest girlfriends is getting married in a couple weeks and living so far away makes it hard to attend everything, so I decided I would take the weekend and go back for the bridal shower since I just can’t swing going back for the bachelorette party. Besides, Lucy was in MAJOR need of a grooming so it gave me a chance to take her to her original groomer instead of risking a new one out here now. 🙂 Despite it being a quick trip it was working. The bridal shower was beautiful and it was nice to visit with a few girlfriends and celebrate Miss Andrea!

Now let’s just all take a moment and thank Mother Nature… she is a fickle lady and I am sure she will appreciate receiving praise and thanks because I know that we were all blessed with some seriously amazing weather these past 2 weekends! We have not done a whole lot either weekend- Adam did some fishing, we did some hiking, lots of cleaning, cooking, running errands- the usual. But, it was so nice to just be out and enjoying the weather and having some normalcy in our lives without running around busy with responsibilities and tasks. We had an old friend who also lives in the same town as us over for dinner both weekends and I took in a movie by myself- yes by myself. I love doing that every so often. I find it peaceful. And I mean, its not like you talk during the movie, so why should I beg Adam to go all of the time when he doesn’t want to and I won’t be talking to him anyways. Sometimes, I let the guy off easy. 🙂 My parents are coming this week for a visit for a couple days and I don’t think I have ever been so excited in my life! They haven’t really been able to visit since we first moved down here last fall, so this is exciting for me and much overdue.

Other than that, upcoming plans for us mainly revolve around weddings (Annie, Kylee, Carrie), Showers (Carrie, Alexis), Bachelorette parties (Annie, Kylee), making summer plans to enjoy and experience some new things, and hopefully getting back home soon to spend some time with Kaci. On top of that, baseball season is here people! HALLELUJAH! Living in St Louis as a Cubs fan may not be easy, but man oh man, I couldn’t even imagine it being any other way. We would love to make it to a Cubs vs Cards game when they come here next month or soon after, and until then, a lot of our time is taken up by watching the Cubs on TV and preparing for that glorious thing called the Indy 500. No seriously, I am thrilled racing season is upon us too, but I cannot help but wonder if anyone here in Missouri will love it or care like I am used to back home. Plus, the Indy 500 holds a special place in mine and Adam’s hearts… it is after all the  thing that brought us together. ❤


My ideal weekend mornings. Sunshine, Coffee, and a good book.


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