Baseball, Gardens and Weddings Oh My!


My best and I at the friendly confines. ❤

Last week, I kept thinking “I really need to write my blog posts. I really need to write my blog posts. I really need to….” (and then I would get distracted) As you can see, I never wrote. Whoops. Oh well, good thing I can share now I guess right?

My parents got to come down for a quick visit! I say this with the most excitement and enthusiasm  you can imagine. They had actually only been to our place since we moved, one time. And, it was right after we moved in, we were not totally unpacked, and it was an even quicker trip than this last one! They work opposite schedules from one another, and they have done this pretty much my whole life. (Part of the many reasons I admire them so much for keeping the love alive despite sometimes seeing each other only while the other sleeps, or for 45 minutes, or even not at all for multiple days) So, because their shifts and days off differ so much and their jobs are very demanding, it is difficult for them to find time to come down here. But, we loved having them. I finally got to take my mom to the arch, she had been wanting to go forever. My dad got a shopping trip at our Harley dealer, and they got to spend time with us and enjoy some good BBQ. Needless to say, I naturally did not want them to leave when it came time to say goodbye.

13124910_10156867653300082_5790955550313214622_nAdam has been busy working, as this spring weather keeps them pretty occupied at work. Actually, he works every Saturday the whole month of May minus one, so that really limits our weekend planning for the month. Which in all honesty is probably a good thing so we can save up some money cause June and July are B-U-S-Y. And that word usually also means expensive. With all of this nice weather we have been having though, we thought it would be nice to take advantage of our motivation one weekend and we decided to start a small garden on our deck! Nothing too elaborate as we are (very) short on space, but I hated not having any greenery around, and Adam is pretty good with plants. I am pretty thrilled to say we planted some tomatoes and peppers and put some flowers out. Now, it remains to be seen if I can keep them alive or if I take after my mother, who is well, not the best with plants. 🙂 One of the reasons I cannot wait to be in a house versus an apartment one day is for the yard work and gardening alone. I probably sound crazy to some, but we love that kind of stuff. I am toying with the idea of doing a small herb garden here in the apartment as well indoors. The only catch is they require a decent amount of sun from the research I have done and our kitchen actually doesn’t have a window because the apartment is just so open and the windows are in the living and dinning room. I figure I will look into it some more and maybe (hopefully) decide here soon. It has been a good hobby for me the last couple of weeks so maybe another plant or two won’t be too much more of a commitment. Along with Adam working a lot, I actually have been working longer days as well trying to get some things taken care of at work, while still trying to plan wedding things for my best friends rapidly approaching wedding, and taking care of things at home, running errands, and well, just adulting basically. I feel like the work never ends that is for sure! But, I have always enjoyed being busy so I can’t say I am complaining… yet.


When you take a group picture with your best friends and Fetty Wap comes on in the middle of it, this is the best you are going to get.


Can’t even try to tell me my best friends aren’t gorgeous. 

Last weekend I actually made a whirlwind trip back home to Indiana. One of my closest friends, Andrea, married her high school sweetheart and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It was a beautiful day (no seriously, the weather has been crappy out there lately, and she could not have asked for a more perfect day), and by beautiful I mean she was stunning, her venue was gorgeous and everything about the day was truly magical. All of us girls danced the night away with each other and just enjoyed being together for a few hours celebrating such an amazing couple. Flash forward to the next morning and I joined Kylee on a trip to Wrigley Field with her sister and fiancee. I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to make it to Wrigley this season, and it would have been the first season in almost 10 years that I didn’t make it (and ironically, their best season so far..) but thanks to that wonderful best friend of mine, I made it! I felt terrible Adam couldn’t come with because we had been talking about going together lately, but work just had to get in the way. Plus, he did go to a Cards game earlier in the week with a friend. (hey don’t hate, it was free- and he still doesn’t like the Cards :))Despite being exhausted and fighting a headache (thank you to the previous nights alcohol consumption), it was absolutely worth it to be in the city for a few hours and at truly one of my most favorite places ever.


She hates that hat but boy do I love her! *Sigh*

I can’t say a whole lot of other stuff is new and happening in our lives right now. I shattered my phone screen again (second one in 5 months!), Lucy turned 6 (Cry!) we finally got our access to the gym at our apartment for 24/7 use rather than business hours only use, and they are building that pool a little more every day. I also went a little outside of my norm and joined a bible study this month! Adam’s sister, Allie, is hosting a bible study on The Book of Hosea and it is actually being done via a private Facebook group and in an effort to go outside of  my comfort zone a little bit (I am normally not the type to do a bible study or anything publicly like this) and to support Allie, I thought I would give it a try. It has only been a couple days now, but so far, I have enjoyed it and I look forward to continuing throughout the month! Who knows, maybe it will spark a blog post out of me like a book review or something similar. (Speaking of which… May’s will be up THIS WEEK! I am determined! )


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