Summer Lovin

Woah. June is here. Which for St Louis, apparently means the heat is here. (hello 100 degrees this weekend!) Honestly, I just want to lay by my apartments pool and relax. I figure I don’t know where we will end up next summer (new apartment or house), but it won’t be where we are now, so I might as well enjoy this brand new never swam in before pool while I can. However, sadly, life has been/is so busy right now that I don’t know when I will get a moment or two to sit down, breathe, and enjoy a warm day by the pool relaxing. I love a busy life, I strive on a busy life, but it has been so long since it has been THIS busy for me, I almost don’t know how I am handling it so calmly right now.


My little Mallie joined t ball this year and apparently grew up over night. Gosh I love her so.

In a nutshell, so many events are taking place over this summer that from Memorial Day on we will be spending 7 weekends traveling back home, one weekend at home followed by another 2 traveling again. That is enough to exhaust anyone! Don’t get me wrong, no complaints on seeing family and friends that much – I truly love spending time with everyone, but like I said, it has been a while since life has been this hectic.

Kylee, my best friend, is getting married on the 25th and this weekend is her bachelorette party. I kid you not when I say I am living in a real life bachelorette party factory pretty much. My amazing Adam has done so well with not complaining, just indulging in my crafts and all my planning, acting as if he cares about it almost as much as I do. But, I know he will be happy when I don’t have our bed littered with crafts all evening long after this weekend and he can actually lay down in it before 10 PM to relax whenever he wants. 🙂 Between crafts for that, other things I am making and working on, I am in full Martha Stewart mode! I love it, my bank account, not so much.

Work has been absolutely nuts. I traveled to Kansas last week to visit our local office there and give some training. It was nice to visit, meet some people face to face I often only speak to via the computer or phone calls. But, I have been playing catch up ever since I feel like. It gets hard when half of the people I work with and need answers from live in other states and countries and the communication lags. Sometimes I wish I could work like half days on St Louis time, half days on Pune India time. Or 6 and 2 or really anything! But I truly feel like I have learned so  much recently that I didn’t anticipate knowing and learning, and that lately I have noticed I really have grown in my role, it feels nice to feel a little more accomplished than I had been feeling there for a while.


My handsome and supportive guy and I at the zoo

My sister had her bridal shower last weekend. It was nice to get to see her and my soon to be brother in law one last time before they get married.  Before anyone asks why I won’t be there, the wedding is out of the country, just them, and the same day as Kylee’s. Their celebration is actually in July for their wedding. On the same note, it was so nice to also get to see some of my extended family. I don’t see many extended family members these days, but I see my dad’s side the least. I would say it has probably been almost a couple years for some of them, which is a long time seeing as how when my grandmother was still alive we got together for every single holiday. Literally, every single one. The other good thing about the shower was that it was held at a local restaurant and I finally got to curb one of my cravings for some local Indiana food that I love. One place down, like 4 more to go! (Looking at you, Tomato Bar, Hacienda, Ben’s Pretzels and Rolling Stonebaker!) I finished off the day by going to a movie with my mama, just her and I. It has been so long since we got to do that and it was so enjoyable. What did we watch you ask? Oh, just Me Before You. *sigh And, I loved it! No truly, I really did. I ugly cried all over again. And, had to stop myself from continuing to ugly cry even after the movie ended. I don’t want to say much or give away anything but let’s just say, they did a great job at following the book. They of course had to leave things out for time reasons, but what they did put in the movie, followed the book, which was refreshing cause you better not try and mess with my Will and Lou!

Over Memorial Day weekend we got to spend some time at home in Indiana with our families and friends, and Kaci. It was so nice to be able to see her again as it has been a little longer than we usually like due to work hours in the spring. But, dang that girl seems to grow every single time we say goodbye and hello again. She can stop now, any time, that is fine. A fun cookout at Adam’s parents with his siblings and the kids and his grandparents and everyone was so nice. The weather was perfect for a summer cookout and the kids were just so excited to finally be able to wear bathing suits and play in sprinklers and get in the crazy cold pool. My family does an annual cookout at my brothers every year, although it involves more than just my family- we are talking his family friends, church friends, my sister in laws family, a little of both of our extended family. It is always a yard full of people and dozens upon dozens of kids just running around everywhere. But, it is tradition, and I look forward to that tradition every single year, even if it means that some years like this one, I can’t stay as long because I have to come back home for work the next day.

We also recently got to enjoy another visit from Adam’s sister Allie and her husband and their son, Brantley. We love when they come to visit us. It is always so nice to go out and explore and do fun things when people come to town and it helps when both Adam and I have someone to kind of bounce things off of the other might not be interested in. Adam can talk cars, hunting, and beer with Andrew. Allie and I can talk, well, everything else under the sun because we are women and you would expect nothing less, shop and just bond over anything and everything. And then we have Brantley who is always a riot and so stinking funny you just want to squeeze him. This visit we finally got to take them down the Zoo for a visit! My company actually matches donations there so I was able to pay half price for a membership and they pay the other half, and this gives us all kinds of perks. The zoo is already free, but parking, tickets to extra exhibits and rides, and discounts on things is included with this. It was a day full of waiting, waiting in traffic to park, waiting for the train, waiting waiting waiting… but, it was still so much fun to all be together, we even enjoy just waiting together we found out, and not many people are lucky enough to have others in their life that make waiting in line so much fun. I am pretty sure it was all worth it for everyone though the moment Brantley got to ride the train he talked about riding for days. ❤


Train trip!

Don’t worry, picture overload will happen of all our exciting things going on this summer, I am sure. And I am going to attempt to get myself on an actual schedule for posting, instead of just having a goal of so many a week/month. Maybe with an actual schedule, there will be some consistency and I can start broadening my writing topics again to include more random posts on random things. My brain is long over due for that type of therapeutic outlet. Until then, in the words of both Dory, and my mother, I will “just keep swimming” through this crazy thing called life.


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