Book Review

Naturally, June has flown by, just as I knew it would. But, what kind of blogger would I be if I let the month pass without the monthly book review for May’s books! I happened to have read 2 for the month, I was secretly hoping to get a third in but life just picked up a little sooner than expected and that didn’t happen. Whoops!

Dear Heart, I Hate You
By: J Sterling


This totally sounds like something my angsty teenage self probably would have walked around saying. And the emotion behind it is so strong. Actually, I admit, I only read this book thanks to my best friend. I often log into her kindle account and read whatever is in there that strikes my mood when I have some extra time, or I am waiting for another book to come in the mail for myself, or she texts me in a book coma freaking out over something she loved. For this book, it was the third reason that brought me to read it. Kylee messaged me one day telling me I must log in and read it right away. Naturally, I listened to her.

The book is about workaholic Jules meeting equal workaholic Cal and having an instant connection together, a connection that goes beyond just a physical attraction. You follow them on the ride better known as long distance relationships, and you watch each struggle with the idea of keeping themselves and their lives exactly how they always saw it going, and exactly what they were comfortable with- single, busy, and successful and with the idea of changing everything they wanted because their feelings for a person suddenly are shaking everything they believed and had planned.

I think personally, I resonated with the storyline a little bit as it sounded a little familiar to me. Fiercely independent adult, life plan set, happy… until you have to decide if a different happy is better than the happy you have now. (in my case, it was… hence, Adam :)) The book was good. I will admit, I didn’t overly love it to the point I fangirled and fawned over it. But, it was good. It drew me in immediately. I do mean, immediately. It kept me going and reading, which is always a plus, and I really liked the characters, I didn’t find them overly annoying or frustrating or anything of the sort. I found them actually, pretty real. Almost like friends or people we all know and would have in our lives that the story could at least somewhat relate to. They were very real. You can even say the same for the secondary characters, and that is even more rare in a book. I did get invested in things that happened and ended up angry and bitter at times for the characters, but that is natural and I  promise it would make sense why I felt that way if you ever read it. It was an easy book to read, so keep in mind if you want an easy, breezy read, this is something to consider. I think I got it done in 1 night. – No joke. I started it at work on my lunch and by bed time, I stayed up a little later than normal and boom! By 11 pm, I was done. If every book was that easy… well, I don’t want to know what it would be like for my bank account.  My biggest complaint is honestly the pace of the book. It is fast. I like fast, but this is borderline too fast. It didn’t leave me fully satisfied over the story. I was left wanting more, but not more in a book coma kind of way- more so in a, I want more development, more story, more something for this book! It was good, it wasn’t great. Overall, if you are looking for some easy readable romance, I would say you might not mind this though, especially if time is short on your hands.

The Girl on the Train
By: Paula Hawkins

original_The_Girl_on_the_TrainI had this story on my nightstand for months before finally giving in and reading it. I am not sure why I waited either! Maybe I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it? But I enjoyed Gone Girl. Maybe I was looking for something else? But I wasn’t reading much. So maybe I just didn’t have a lot of time on my hands. Yeah, that is what I am going to go with. Nevertheless, leave it to a movie to kick my butt in gear. I found out it was being made into a movie to be released this fall, staring the lovely Emily Blunt (who I have a major girl crush on and an even bigger crush on her handsome hubby John Krasinski) and I knew I needed to finally get on it and read it! (Smart move by me!)

To summarize this for anyone not aware of the storyline, the main character Rachel is living at her friends after her marriage comes to an end, drinking heavily, and just all together having a rough time with life. She takes the same commuter train every day to and from work. Every day, she watches this couple who seem to have it all- and everything she believes she lost, sit together, talk, eat, and have a life. In her mind, she feels as if she knows them and their whole story, a story that for her, brings entertainment and enjoyment somewhat to a fairly dull life she is living. One day, she sees something from the train that she struggles with. After going to the police with information she has on this woman she watches every day, she becomes tangled in an investigation, in everyone around’s lives, and ultimately, the entire book becomes a story about in my mind, some really messed up characters. (in a good way!)

So, I really liked this book. Surprisingly, or not actually, I found it very entertaining. I say surprisingly, because psychological thrillers is not usually my forte. I say not surprisingly, because I kind of knew what I was getting into, and I was pleasantly surprised with other books I have read similar. The characters help make this way more interesting of a storyline because of just how truly messed up they are as individuals. Talk about a shit show at times. Good grief. You have an alcoholic, a liar, and a cheater… which one do you believe and trust the most? That is essentially what this book is requesting you to do. Every narrator it has is unreliable, messy, and untrusting. I loved them and hated them at the same time. I felt for them, and said “You are an idiot” multiple times- that is how you know the characters are twisty and good. Much like gone girl, everyone has a secret- or secrets, and as a reader, I was always wanting to know more and more. It truly is a page turner  in that respect. The ending in one regards, I kind of guessed before I reached it, but it didn’t stop me from going on with reading it at any point in time because there were multiple moments a curveball is thrown and I would question if my idea was accurate. However, the ending in another regard (sorry, I can’t say much without a spoiler and I am trying SO hard to avoid that with this book), I didn’t truly guess and it may have seemed a little convenient for it to occur, but I still actually liked it. I truly do recommend this to anyone who wants a twisty curvy read that isn’t always predictable, and does keep you wondering.

Stay tuned! Next month I will be reviewing One plus One, Crowns of Beauty and (maybe) another surprise one!


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