Dog Days of Summer

Wow, I can’t believe it has truly been almost a month since I last posted. I am pretty mad at myself for that one. Honestly, life was just so exhausting and busy there for a while and once it slowed down a little the past week or two, I have just been full on burnt out. I am happy to say I am finally, slowly, starting to feel normal again. Hopefully this helps my writers block too. Somehow in the middle of the craziness of June, I lost all control of any daily life planning I had going on. Menu plans, blog plans, event plans, it all just kind of went out the window. On top of the busy schedule, it has truly been unbelievably hot here in St Louis. Maybe this is normal, but I am thinking it is a tad warmer than it usually is for this time of the year. I mean most of June was a heat index of over 100 every single day. July has been shaping up to be either the same horrible heat, or rainy. That is enough to make you dread even checking the mail. Trust me. Because of all of this, I got to thinking… Is there a way to keep up with the blog a little easier, or at least a tad more consistently? Even with a busy schedule? I THINK I may be coming up with a good concept in my head. I am working on the different aspects of it and trying to get it all mapped out so that perhaps I could start as early as next week! I write to keep everyone up to date on our lives, I write as a fun little outlet and hobby for me, and I write to spread the word about things, events, people, businesses, whatever! So, why not work all of that into a more concrete idea that is easier to manage right? We shall see! Time will tell!

I don’t want to recap the last month too intensely for anyone. This post would be forever long! I will post photos from some of my favorite experiences over the last month to summarize most of it, but in a nutshell we got to enjoy Fathers Day weekend with Kaci back in Indiana, I stood by my best friend as she married the love of her life, and was uber surprised at a phone call from her a week later telling me she just took a pregnancy test… and it was positive (yay!)! We went canoeing down the Meremac River down at Meremac Caverns and enjoyed some bonding time just the two of us, and we enjoyed a work party for Adam that allowed us to get out and mingle with new people and I finally got to spend some time at our pool. Whew! We will round out July with Adam doing an irrigation installation for a friend and coworker of mine down here, then picking Kaci up and going to my work summer cookout down at Grants Farms here in the city, before heading off to a family vacation in Gatlinburg (a loooooong overdue one!) and meeting up with my parents and brother and his family! And finally, heading back to Indiana to celebrate that my sister got married in Jamaica last month! 🙂  Man, when I put it all down in words like that I am already exhausted again. Never a dull moment here at the Howard Homestead!



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