July Book Review

As you read in my previous post, June was crazy busy! I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked in multiple areas, reading being one for sure! However, sticking to my plan, I did make sure to make it through at least one to ensure I had this post to write, and that my goal was met!

This month, I read Crowns of Beauty by Sophie Hartman. I went a little out of my usual neighborhood of reading and stepped into the world of memoirs. I don’t typically pick those up too often, but I was told by Adam’s wonderful sister of a launch team that was starting for this book upon its release and that I should look into it. I loved that the subject dealt so much with not only Jesus but also was based around orphanages and children. Having two nephews who were adopted internationally, that is a subject that is very close to my own heart. So, off to join the launch team I went!

Crowns of Beauty
Sophia Hartman


Crowns of Beauty is the story of Sophie Hartman and her experience of listening to God’s voice after visiting Zambia and tapping into her love for Jesus so much that she left behind all she knew in the US and moved to Zambia and use her love to seek and instill Jesus, love, acceptance and kindness all around her and heal the broken and hurting children in so many ways all to give glory to God!

I truly truly enjoyed this book. First, Sophie Hartman is such a unique, strong, beautiful soul. Second, the story itself is one that hits home already and is told so beautifully and third, it is truly touching to read it and leads you to Jesus while she is on her own search to better know Him and His love. When someone is truly passionate on a topic, it shines through. This is a prime and perfect example of that statement. While it may be a book, you as a reader are still able to connect and understand the passion and use such fierce passion to build your own relationship and inspire yourself to be as open and raw as Sophie is with readers. I almost wondered when starting this book if I would end up taking away from it that Sophie would be almost in a humble brag state about all of the help she did and the light she brought to such a dark world, but after reading it I can honestly say that is not the case. If there is anything that I try to practice and really bring into my everyday life, it is love and acceptance- of all nature. Always. This book touched on that desire within me to love and accept everyone, and to use God’s love as a guiding light to do more good in the world. It truly just opens and tugs at your heart. You can’t help but walk away feeling a little more understanding of Jesus love for His people, and right now, with the state this country is in, that is something we all could use a little more of. If you have a love of Jesus, a desire to know more of his love don’t miss out!


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