Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

Can you believe it, it has been almost a whole year since I last posted? I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have sat back and thought to myself “I really need to get back on my blog” “I really should write a post.” “That would be great for my blog!” Yet, I never followed through. I wish I could say I have good reasons why, because let’s face it, life gets crazy. But, if I am being honest, I don’t truly know why I haven’t come back. I guess you could say I am still doing some soul searching when it comes to that topic, among others. So, you’re probably asking, what’s new? Or, maybe you know me personally and are not asking that at all, but instead laughing at the question in the first place because you know the answer… regardless, the short answer is: everything. The long answer? Well, that would keep us here all day, and night. So, in a summarized fashion, let me bullet point some of the biggest highlights of the last 11 months so we can just move forward like this little hiatus never happened.


Thanksgiving 2016

  • Adam and I moved!!! Get this, we came home to Indiana. 18 year old Lyndsay is back there in time cringing at the thought that I would move back, not just to Indiana, but to my sleepy home town. Adult Lyndsay is sitting here, totally content and at peace with that choice, happier than she ever thought she would be. 🙂 Long story short, our family is here, our friends are here, and our lives are our family and friends so in essence, our lives are in Indiana. I truly left my heart in Indiana when we moved to St. Louis and it took moving away to realize what actually makes me happiest and who would have thought that for me, it was people, not places or things.
  • I changed careers!!! And when I say I changed careers, I mean, hello out of blue career change. Nothing against my old job- because I truly truly miss those people I worked with more than I ever thought I would miss coworkers, and I truly enjoyed PARTS of what I did. But, I would be lying and trying to sell you a load of bull if I sat here and said I loved my job and my heart was in it. Because it wasn’t. And corporate America is great and has many perks, but I knew I was destined to do something different. So I left engineering behind. I left Fortune 100 companies behind, and I came to work for…. the government? I came home to Indiana on faith and faith alone…. with a rapidly depleting bank account and no idea what my next move was. And God brought an opportunity to my door that I truly never saw myself doing and I literally had zero previous experience in, and I took it and ran. So, here I sit, working for the Department of Child Services, ensuring children are cared for in healthy, safe, loving, stable, permanent environments and get this? I love it. I love every stressful, exhausting, frustrating, busy moment of it.
  • Adam and I moved (Again)!!! Now, I never saw myself moving so much in such a short time. Mom and Dad’s, St Louis, Mom and Dad’s again and now Adam and I are in our own house in our home town. Town living is certainly different than country living, which is much different than the city living we had before, so it is taking some adjusting, but we are blessed with family who love and support us and that makes it so much easier to handle. We are fixing up his grandmothers old home and making it our own for the next little while until we are planted firmly in our new jobs and feel like it is time to take the next step in permanent living.
  • Adam and I got married!!! I had a HOT summer wedding. I had a much bigger wedding than I ever envisioned. I got married near our home. These were things that a year ago, when that ring was put on my finger, I was absolutely against and never wanted for us. But, for many reasons, I caved and you know what? It is totally okay that I did. I am happy with the end result. Because at the end of the day, I still got to marry the man I wanted to marry and the people that were the most important were there, and I learned and grew so so much in everything we dealt with for that wedding and the short time frame it was planned in – we may have been engaged for almost a year, but we planned a wedding in 4 very short, stressful months.
  • Adam and I are having a baby!!! Yes, you read that right. Crazy right?? Talk about life out of left field. We spent Valentines day 2016 at a rodeo, living it up, believing that when we chose to have a baby together it would be months of hard work and planning and fertility treatments and expenses and hormones and well… you get the picture. We spent Valentines day 2017 telling our families “Surprise! We have a bun in the oven!” To say I was shocked is an understatement. But, we have a baby girl we get to be excited about welcoming into the world in October and I trust God and his plan for me and for us with my whole heart, as scary and unexpected that plan may be at times. I truly pictured myself being mama to only miss Lucy for quite some time still, and the big man had other plans for me. So now comes the joy, and countless other emotions (hello hormones), of motherhood! ❤

As you can see, life has handed us many unexpected adventures straight out of left field in the last year. 1 year. Not even 1 year technically. So much has changed I still look back and say “what in the world?” when thinking back on where we were a year ago and I laugh. I don’t laugh in a bad way, or in a negative way. But I laugh as if to say “wow, if this year brought me all of this, imagine in yet another year where life will have me?!”

I have so many topics I could have blogged about this last year, but I think I am more excited than ever to blog about the new topics that await with all these life changes. I have been brainstorming changing up the blog a little bit, and it is possible that I do so sooner than later, but I haven’t fully laid it all out in my head yet. Until I have it figured out (which lets face it, I am a perfectionist so this could take a while) I will just keep typing away with whatever post comes up in my mind next!


Baby Girl in June 2017 ❤


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