Monday Mantra

I wanted to share something I have been doing for a while now on Instagram. A while back I started a weekly ritual of posting something I call “#MondayMantra” on Instagram. Basically, it is just a way to spread some positivity to people and inspire them. Sometimes, it is inspired by something I or someone I care about is going through, sometimes it has to do with news headlines and what is popular in the world, and sometimes it is just something I simply enjoy. I always feel as if there is so much negativity and hate posted everywhere, and I try to live my life with the ideas of love, kindness and acceptance at the root of everything. I figured maybe it helps no one, maybe it helps some one- but it sure is worth it to post and at least put it out there and spread good in the world, there can never be too much good.

I am going to attempt to post it up on this blog every month as a recap to the previous posts, but I wanted to have a page devoted directly to the effort. Everyone is welcome to check out my Instagram for previous posts, lynflores is my username, as I will only be posting the previous “Monday Mantra” posts before starting this blog, there rather than spending many hours uploading them all on here. 🙂 As always, feel free to check back towards the end/beginning of every month to see any new ones.

The first two shared on here, for example: